What You Should Know About Blackjack


Whether you are new to blackjack or you are an experienced player, there are a few things you should keep in mind when playing. Among the things you should keep in mind are the basic rules of blackjack and the different types of bets you can make. These include Even money, Insurance, Side and Splitting 8s bets.

Double Down

Taking advantage of the double down blackjack feature can increase your winnings. But the best time to do it is not always the most obvious time. It is a good idea to think about how your total will change after the initial cards are dealt and then decide if the extra wager is worth it.

The double down blackjack feature involves doubling the original bet. This is the main blackjack strategy and can increase your winnings significantly.

Splitting 8s

Whether you are playing in a brick and mortar casino or online, you should know how to split 8s in blackjack. This will help you save money against the dealer’s toughest cards, and improve your chances of winning. The basic strategy in blackjack tells you to stand on hands that are worth 16, and to split aces and 8s. However, there are some variations that you should know about.

The most important thing to remember about splitting aces is that you do not want to split Aces unless you are a card counter. You should also avoid splitting 5s and 7s. This is because they are bad starting hands.

Insurance bets

Using the proper blackjack strategy is the key to a profitable session. You can increase your odds of winning by doubling down on the right hands and betting on the right combinations. Using the insurance bet is a good way to boost your winnings without putting yourself in too deep. You can bet that many experienced players will pass on this bet.

The Insurance bet is a small side bet that pays out well, but only if your card is a blackjack. The most common wager is a quarter to a dollar, and the payoffs are usually better than the hand you won.

Side bets

Adding side bets to your game of blackjack can be fun, and also add an extra level of excitement. But before you make a bet, you should decide whether you are comfortable with risking your bankroll. Blackjack side bets are typically low-risk, and may have modest payouts.

The most popular blackjack side bet is the 21+3. This is a wager that pays off when you hold a 21 in your hand. The side bet also pays when the dealer holds a blackjack. The payout rate is dependent on the casino. Typically, it is 30 to 1 or higher. The payout can also be higher when you hold a perfect pair, which is two cards of the same color.

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